Wildlife spotting in Sonfjället Mountains, Sweden

The last weekend in September was the right time to go to Sonfjället Mountains for bear spotting…It was getting cold and bears were coming higher on the slopes to feast on berries. This way we could spot them from a hill facing the mountain. I was a bit afraid if it really is a good idea to go look for bears, because they might want to get closer than I want them to. My supervisor and colleages from the museum of natural history tried to persuade me that here in Sweden bears are still very timid and they try to avoid humans as much as they can. Basically, if you don’t want a surprising encounter make some noise to let all the bears around know that you are there.

We walked approximately four kilometres from a small parking lot at the end of a cart road to the top of a small hill. It was a beautiful place with an amazing view to all directions. As soon as the spotting scope was out we took turns in scanning the mountain in front of us. Unfortunatelly, we didn’t see any bears, but we still can say that we were lucky because we saw a wolverine (no, I don’t mean Hugh Jackman)! Wolverine belongs to the weasel family, but resembles a small bear with a tail. While there are a few thousand bears in Sweden, there are only a few hundred wolverines. We also saw a couple of moose, but it’s not such a big deal in Sweden.

Our position on the top of the hill was great for spotting animals but also for spotting sunrises and sunsets. Take a look!


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